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Paul Herlinger played the Archbishop in Act 1 of Geneva 1945, an insurance collector in The Bells Are Ringing 1946, followed by Woman Bites Dog 1947, Six Men of Dorset 1948, The Match Girls 1948, The Dangerous Sex 1948, "terrific" as Joybell in The Star Turns Red 1948, Birthday of a Miner 1949, The Lion on the Square 1949 and Follies Bourgeois 1951. He directed Workshops Riders to the Sea in 1949 and a scene from Pygmalion in 1951. In Jubilee Year 1951 he was on the children’s theatre committee; he resigned from NT the same year.

Herlinger worked with other companies including the Genesians (The Beautiful People 1956, Julius Caesar 1959), Metropolitan (She Stoops to Conquer 1950), WEA Studio Newcastle (The Alchemist with NT's Bob Pople 1955), the Wakefield Mystery Plays at the Cell Block Theatre with the Newman Association 1962, and worked at the Mercury Theatre in 1953. In 1956 he was permanent director with WEA Players Attic Theatre. In 1971 he directed The Merchant of Venice (NT's Colin Kenny was in the cast) for Action Theatre; and in 1977 was conducting Action Theatre with Winifred Crogan in Alice St Sans Souci.

Paul Herlinger became a secondary teacher of English and Drama. In 1982 he completed an MA thesis on the history of New Theatre 1932-9, in 1989 was awarded First Class Honours for his New Theatre history 1939-53, and at the time of his death was enrolled in a PhD.

Copies of Herlinger's New Theatre histories are held by Mitchell Library.

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