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Of interest to ASIO, Norm Slater was a NT member by 1957 when he was given a Chinese peace badge, took colour slides of Johnny Noble, and attended a NT National School in Melbourne. He stage managed The Crucible 1958, acted in Fission Chips 1959, took over a role in The Quare Fellow 1959, played Sganarelle in A Physician in Spite of Himself 1965, acted in The Ballad of Angels’ Alley 1965, Mother Courage 1966, The Ringbolter 1967, On Stage Vietnam 1967, America Hurrah 1968, Exposure 70 1970 and The Matchgirls 1972. He performed in Contact street theatre and was NT President ca 1966-8. A qualified electrician with the railways, he was on the NT building committee and tiled the toilets at St Peters Lane.

In 1963 Norm was a member of the NT fraction of the CPA, and in the early 1970s a member of the CPA Media Branch. In 1958 ASIO described him as an Australian working man type, earnest and hard-working, probably educated only to Intermediate level, friendly, with a stocky build and straight dark hair.

In 1973 Norm began travelling through England, Scotland, Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia. He kept up a correspondence with Miriam Hampson in the NT office. In 1975 he got a job with an English firm in the USSR; in 1977 he was in India (“the hottest place I’ve been”); in 1980 he was in Siberia (-34 degrees, but he had heating and there was plenty of food); by 1982 was with Luda, a Russian, living on the dole in London from where he dutifully sent his annual $2 cheque for New Theatre Properties membership. After returning to Australia he bought a property in Queensland but died soon after. His Russian partner had a tough time getting a pension.

His first wife Joan was a NT member 1959-65 and helped Norma Disher with wardrobe. Joan and Norm Slater had two sons.

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