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MILTON POWELL MOORE (ca 1916 - 2012)

Of interest to ASIO, Milton, the winner of prewar singing competitions in Perth, was invited to audition for the original Reedy River 1953. He subsequently acted in The Good Soldier Schweik 1956, Under the Coolibah Tree 1956, The Crucible 1958, Reedy River 1960, Hold The Line 1960, Sandhog 1962, Operation Olive Branch 1963, Reedy River 1963, and The Ballad of Angels’ Alley 1965. In 1954-5 he was an organiser of Contact street theatre, and in the 1960s he was a member of the NT CPA fraction. Milton and his wife June entertained NT members at their Randwick home and financially supported NT.

Milton Moore died on 26 March 2012, predeceased by his wife and survived by their daughters Orel, Shelley, Kylie and Alanna.

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