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In NT programs her name was sometimes recorded as Michelle Mignon and Mignon Minette. In 1948 she shared the part of the Lady Mayoress with Olga Yarad in The Star Turns Red. In 1951 she acted in a Workshop of an Act from Pygmalion, in 1952 she went underground at Glen Davis with The Candy Store, directed a Workshop All Aboard and played the school inspector’s wife in An Inspector General.

Born at Clarence Park SA on 17 November 1921, at the University of Adelaide 1943-5 she played in Shakespeare (another university actor was Hal Porter). In 1946 she married Edwin Shropshire Morrisby. They moved to NSW where they divorced in 1949. ASIO followed her back to Adelaide and in 1955 reported that she was on the NT mailing list there, was well educated, dreamy and quiet, and had married a Chinese man. Mignon Yeo died on 5 September 1988 and was buried at Centennial Park SA.

Her first husband Hobart-born “Ted” Morrisby (1924-2001) was a member of the “Push” and friend of journalist Murray Sayle. He became a prominent documentary filmmaker and journalist and married three times.

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