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Jack Mudge used the stage name Mark Roberts. He joined NT ca 1948 when he played a policeman and George Bernard Shaw in a false beard in The Match Girls, and a fascist priest in The Star Turns Red in which he spat out his lines and got a good review. In the same year he was in the casts of The Dangerous Sex, Six Men of Dorset and Man of Destiny. In 1949 Mudge was in The Lion on the Square, and in 1950 played David Haines in Had We But World Enough, The Inspector in An Inspector Calls and was in the We, The People large cast. In 1951 he acted in Longitude 49. Mudge was inclined to over-act and was considered not so good in comedy. He helped Nan Gow in the NT office and replaced Peter Francis as NT’s assistant secretary.

In 1950 Mudge played Jamie in Mosman Children’s Theatre’s Smugglers Beware (with Elsie Dayne, Alan Herbert, plus Barbara Brunton as Henrietta) and in 1951 toured as Sergeant Blogg/Gentleman Jack in The Bushranger with the National Children’s Theatre. In 1952 he toured with the Independent’s Rusty Bugles and that December was in the revue Happily Ever After with George Asange and Valerie Newstead at the Mercury. In 1953 he was in Charley’s Aunt at the Mercury.

In 1954 Jack Mudge went to London with Miriam Hampson’s letter of introduction to Unity Theatre. At first he wasn’t happy, staying in hostels, and wrote to Miriam saying that he wasn’t trying for acting work and wouldn’t be sorry to return home. However he married in 1955 in London, his best man David Futcher, and was still there in 1964. The marriage broke up.

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