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A seasoned actor, he directed The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists April-May 1933, its mostly unemployed cast including men who became WAC regulars: Edward Janshewsky, Harry Haddy, Cliff Mossop, Tim O’Sullivan and Charlie Reeve . Nellie Rickie and Jean Devanny both claimed credit for suggesting to Broderick that he dramatise Robert Tressall’s novel of working-class life which by 1933 had been reprinted ten times.

Later in 1933 Broderick acted in his adaptation of The Sundowner (May-June), presented Shamus O’Brien at the Ingersoll Hall for the Sydney Theatre Guild (16 September) and directed Judge Beeby’s Dregs at the Ingersoll Hall for the Sydney Theatre Guild (21 October).

(A Harry L Brudrick recited A Christmas Carol in the YWCA Hall in December 1946.)

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