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Grahame and his wife Patricia were of interest to ASIO.

Grahame, with his brother Johnny and sister Shirley, joined Melbourne NT (MNT) in 1936 and helped build its Flinders Street theatre. He was a member of a NT singing group led by Bill Juliff . Grahame left Melbourne ca 1945 and went to Brisbane NT, then moved to Sydney NT where he was a stage manager and built sets. He had minor roles in Reedy River; was a stage manager on Out of Commission in 1955, and stage managed and played five small roles in The Good Soldier Schweik in 1956. He was a photographer.

His wife Patricia Audrey “Patsy” Robertson was on the Sydney NT committee, after moving from Brisbane NT. She acted in Pacific Paradise 1955, Arms and the Man 1956, The Night of the Ding Dong 1959, The Drums of Father Ned 1961, and Here Under Heaven 1961. The Robertsons’ membership ceased in mid-1965 when they needed to spend more time with their two young sons.

In 1984 Grahame wrote to Miriam Hampson, indicating he was going to send good pictures of MNT wartime shows to Dot Thompson in Victoria. He remembered the Armstrongs’ good parties at Rose Bay.

See also Person - Shirley Keane.

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