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Charlie Kitchener was considered a good actor, painter and writer by Eddie Allison. He acted in The Emissary 1933, A Night in Spain 1933, played Pickering and designed the set for Pygmalion 1934, played Mr Hardcastle and designed the set for Love on the Dole 1935, designed the set for Life is Calling 1936, designed the set for Paradise Lost 1936, played Green in Boy Meets Girl 1937, acted in and designed the set for Bury the Dead 1938, acted in Remember Pedrocito 1938, acted in and co-designed the set for Six Men of Dorset 1938, acted in and designed the set for Transit 1938, acted in Where’s That Bomb? 1938, played the comic character Father Bartholomew and designed flats for Aristocrats 1938 after its gay designers walked out in a huff, designed the set for a revival of Love on the Dole 1938, acted in Sub-Editor’s Room 1939, co-designed Cannibal Carnival 1939, wrote agit-prop Vote Labor 1941, acted in a playreading of The Little Foxes 1943, acted in Golden Boy 1943, was on Workshop committee 1944, designed the set for Pioneers 1944, acted in The Proposal 1944, acted in The Man Who Forgot 1944 and acted in All Change Here 1945.

Charles George Kitchener died aged 41 on 29 March 1948. His widow Gertrude Caroline née Hancott whom he'd married in 1939 was known as Carol. They had a son Allan Michael Kitchener. Carol ran a Coffee Club with Peggy Tanner. In 1949 she made hats for Pot of Message before getting work as a stewardess on the Sydney - Perth run of the Manoora.

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