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A dentist also known as Allan Wallace Morton-Clarke, he joined NT ca 1951, his membership lapsing in 1954. Clarke went under his own name to act in Merry-Go- Round 1953; as Allan Morton he played Magnet in a Workshop Girl in the Coffin 1951 and was in the cast of School for Wives 1952.

Clarke pledged £10 for Graeme Stewart to go to the 1953 World Youth Festival as NT delegate. In December 1951 ASIO reported that Clarke was a member of both the CPA and the Darlinghurst branch of the Liberal Party, that the Central Committee of the CPA had asked Clarke to join the Liberal Party, and that Graeme Stewart was the only NT member to know of his double life.

Clarke and his wife were friends of Francisco and Jeanne Tunica y Casas who arrived in Sydney from New Caledonia (where French-born Madame Tunica set up a local communist party) after Vichy supporters bombed their home. The Tunicas ran Le Coq d’Or restaurant in Angel Place beneath Liberal Party headquarters. Under surveillance by ASIO, they were eventually deported. Allan Clarke, who helped them sell their business, was kept under ASIO surveillance into the 1970s. KGB recruit Wally Clayton knew Clarke.

As a 20-year-old dentist, Allan Morton Wallace Clarke enlisted in the First World War in Melbourne on 16 September 1914, returning to Australia the next year. He was born on 10 September 1894 at Rochville on the Delegate River, Vic., to Henry Augustine, a miner, and Mary née McDonald. He married Joan Eileen Briggs. Their surname Morton-Clarke, they divorced in 1955.

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