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JOHN ALBAN WEBSTER (1913 - 2008)

Known only as “Webster” he was the CPA's and New Theatre’s arch enemy in the Domain, an enormously popular witty speaker. Ex turned anti Communist, he needled Comrades Lockwood, Barnes, Smith(sky) and “Flossie” Foster over the Petrov affair 1954-5. Webster asserted the Russian Embassy was full of spies and that Stan Moran and other Communists should be stripped of their citizenship and sent to Russia.

Another favourite target was religion:

“Christians spend three-quarters of their life denying sex and the other quarter having it."

“I was brought up a Christian but I wouldn't go to heaven now, not if you paid me."

“Where you find a priest, there you find a professional scoundrel who lives on superstition and who tries to blackmail you into a hangover called heaven."

When a heckler shouted: "How many women have you got on the streets?" he responded: "You may have your women on the street. Webster has his in bed."

Of interest to MI5, Webster was a Cockney rabble-rouser in London’s Hyde Park who came to Australia as a £10 Pom. In England he had been a member of various Communist and fascist groups including the Anglo-Irish Fellowship. Sympathetic to the Nazis, it set up the anti-Semitic publications Britain Defiant and Sovereignty which merged with the social credit paper To-morrow. Webster later recanted his anti-Semitic views and dissolved his party the British Workers’ Party for National Unity.

Webster married a Jew, then a Persian and had a number of gay relationships. In the late 1980s he moved to Launceston Tasmania where he died aged 95. Reverend Bill Crews secretly scattered his ashes in Sydney's Domain.

There is a Wikipedia entry for John Webster (orator) plus other online material including YouTube.

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