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Val Wilson in 1931 directed World Without Men for the Friends Of the Soviet Union (FSU) Players Women’s Committee Against War variety show. She was a core Workers Art Club (WAC) director by 1933.

For WAC in 1934 she directed and played Mrs Higgins in Pygmalion and directed On the Rocks. In 1936 with Jerry Wells she co-directed Major Barbara and repeated the success of Pygmalion.

For FSU Wilson directed Bread in 1935, and played the main role and directed Masses and Man in 1936. In 1937 she was in the cast of Hay Fever at the Australian Society of Drama Studio in Pitt and Park Arcade 254 Pitt Street , and directing for the Children’s Theatre Movement at the same address. Advertised as a “brilliant comedy” the author of Hay Fever was not credited at the event, organised by Nellie Rickie for the Spanish Relief Committee.

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