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Described as an easygoing big bear of a man with a sense of humour, a lousy actor but a good writer, Rex Chiplin was cast in Golden Boy 1943, Lawson 1943, The Eve of St Mark 1944, and The Man Who Forgot 1944. On 28 October 1960 he gave a talk in the NT clubrooms about his recent trip to Japan for a Hiroshima Peace Conference and his meeting with members of the Progressive Kabuki Theatre.

A CPA member and of interest to ASIO from 1949, Chiplin was a regular contributor to Tribune . In 1952 his home at Campsie was raided, and the Tribune office was searched after his article attacking the British monarchy was published in the Communist Review in June 1953.

Targeted by ASIO agent Mercia Masson, a journalist and a friend of his wife, Chiplin was called before the Royal Commission on Espionage in 1955. Code name "Charlie", he appeared in a borrowed suit two sizes too small and was hustled out of the court after yelling “Liar!” at Vladimir Petrov. These events and ASIO's failure to protect Masson's identity are detailed in The Spy Catchers, The Official History of ASIO 1949-1963.

Chiplin married Annette Elizabeth Moore in 1944 and following their divorce Vivienne Napier Bon in 1951. After living in Moscow for two years he resigned from the CPA in 1963 and joined the Illawarra Mercury.

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