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PAUL WALLEN MOLINE (1913 - 1974)

Paul Moline in 1944 married NTL Secretary Lesley O'Toole after the death of his partner Adrienne Parkes, a founding member of the Workers Art Club. An amateur photographer, he made a silent documentary Take Notice in 1939 with the short-lived Sydney Unity Film Group (its other members Warwick Parkes and Eddie Allison – who also acted in it, with other NTL members). The film, its subject matter unfair rent rises and the need for a fair rents court, was screened in halls and tents where the hat was passed around.

Born at Tenterfield NSW, Paul Moline grew up in Melbourne. By 1937 he was a director of Youth Publications and the journal Young Australia. He was for a time editor of Progress the journal of the State Labor Party, and a sub-editor at the Daily News. He was chief sub-editor of The Australian when he and his son David drowned in 1974 after their boat capsized in a violent storm off The Entrance NSW. Paul’s daughter Jan died in a Korean plane shot down over Soviet territory in 1983. David and Jan Moline were his children by Adrienne Parkes.

Take Notice can be viewed online.

Paul's story is among those told in Stephen Moline's RED published in 2017 ~

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