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Of interest to ASIO, June Mills was also known by the surnames Worth, Galloway and Grivas. The good-looking daughter of Miriam Hampson’s sister Millie Aarons who married twice (Frank Worth and CPA Central Committee member Leonard Donald), she shared a North Sydney flat with her mother and aunt. At NT she was in Pot of Message 1949, played Fanchette in The Germans 1952, shared a role in Home Brew 1954 (ASIO was given its negatives and copies of its photographs), stage managed Black Diamonds 1958, designed costumes for The Crucible 1958 and The Quare Fellow 1959, acted in a Workshop Women at War 1959 and The Night of the Ding Dong 1959, and designed costumes for All My Sons 1960 . She printed NT's newsletter Spotlight! at work in 1951, and was the theatre's auditor in 1954 and on committee in 1959.

In 1954 June Grivas penned an ode to Reedy River:

Some people they like Homer, others they like Shaw, / And others like the “classics”, I could name ‘em by the score.

Some people they like “epics” crammed full of blood and lust / While others go quite drooly over Marilyn Monroe’s bust.

But me, I Iike the stories of Australia land / Of the pioneers, the shearers and the gallant Eureka Band.

I’m not the only one, there’s at least 10 million more / So just give us Reedy River and the Eumerella Shore.

During the Second World War, June with Stalinist women Jean Blue and Diana Gould tutored at Marx House. June became a full-time CPA employee, visited China in 1958, learned Russian and spoke it well and went on to teach it. At the Party's 1962 annual conference she was elected to the CPA committee, and with Alan Hardy attended the Youth Festival in Helsinki the same year. In 1963 she was chair of CPA North Sydney branch; in 1964 when working with George Garami her phone was tapped; in 1974 as national co-ordinator of a Children’s Arts and Crafts Exhibition she organised a cultural exchange with the Australia-USSR Society (its president the author Alan Marshall). After studying Russian at Moscow University in 1975 she returned the next year with a diploma, and in 1978 edited a booklet Australia-USSR Society: for mutual understanding and friendly relations between the peoples of Australia and the USSR.

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