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Joan Manchee joined NT in 1951 when she was a nurse in the X ray department at Sydney Hospital. She acted in a Workshop O'Flaherty VC, played Numerin an Aboriginal woman in a Workshop Rocket Range, designed posters, turned down a part in How I Wonder! and resigned in 1952, signing off “So long, it’s been good to know you”.

Joan Cumming Flood was born at Kurrabooma, a sheep property near Moree NSW. Her siblings were Peter and Mildred Anne (educated at Frensham, Mildred died aged 19 in 1947). In 1936 Joan married in a society wedding Richard Sparke Manchee, son of a pastoralist of Binniguy Station Moree and Neutral Bay. Ten years later they divorced on grounds of desertion. In 1950 Richard Manchee remarried. In 1953 Joan Cumming Manchee married Ian Beck; they were NT members for a brief period after 1953. Joan Beck died in 1991.

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