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Née Elsa Paolicci, in 1949 she was in the big cast of The Lion on the Square and in a crowd scene in Flowers for the Living. In 1951 Elsa held a musical afternoon at home and submitted a poem (she offered to record it as a song) for the Spotlight newsletter, its last verse:

You pay more to see the flicks / Back the horse that’s full of tricks / So we leave it up to you / To see Donations here grow too.

In 1952 she submitted a play to NT. However, it was not staged, critiqued as lacking characterisation and drama, the characters talking in political phrases, not engaging in dialogue.

Elsa ran the Smirnova School of Voice Production and Singing. In 1945 it operated from premises in Annandale, by 1948 it was at Coogee, and by 1951 at Oatley.

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