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EDITH McLAREN (ca 1907 - 1998)

A friend of wigmaker Elsie Dayne, Edie McLaren was employed by Farmers as a wigmaker. She acted in The Good Soldier Schweik 1956, Johnny Noble 1957, The Crucible 1958, Reedy River 1960 and 1963, Lawson 1961, played Miss Chuck in Our “Dear” Relations 1963, followed by Come All You Valiant Miners 1965 and The Alchemist 1967. She withdrew from Mother Courage in 1966.

A regular attendee at NT meetings and May Day marches, Edie was given a Chinese peace badge at the 1957 NT AGM. She was on committee as Social Secretary in 1965. According to ASIO Edie was a bleached blonde with an attractive manner, of medium height, more Scotch than Harry Lauder, a flamboyant dresser, chain smoker and chain talker.

Edie McLaren died in May 1998, leaving $500 to New Theatre.

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