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The son of Harry Batterham, Dennis joined NT in 1951, acted in Longitude 49 and played Father Christmas at the end of year party. With a history of rheumatic fever, he took three months’ leave of absence in July 1952 on the grounds of ill health. In October that year he married Veronica Pearson, the 18-year-old leader of NT's Social Committee and therefore of interest to ASIO. (Veronica in 1951 acted in a Workshop The Undecided Molecule. Her sister Pauline married NT member Mel Lowe.)

Dennis replaced an actor as the Mayor's servant in An Inspector General 1952 and was MC at the 1954 Reedy River ball but resigned later that year. He subsequently rejoined and was an active CPA and NT member when ASIO reported on his activities in 1960.

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