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Clive and his wife Pat were active at NT in 1950 - 51, Clive stage managing and designing posters and Pat working as Assistant Secretary and on the Management Committee. They held the occasional fundraiser at their home, and Pat was an organiser of the 1951 Christmas party. Clive stage managed Lysistrata in November 1950 and in 1951 directed a Workshop Girl in the Coffin with Harry Ciddor in the cast, critiqued by David Walesby. After their son was born in August 1952 Pat and Clive Young drop out of the NT records.

Clive took photos of NT members, including its cricket team, a habit which irritated some. At least five thought he was an ASIO mole. This suspicion is supported by unredacted comments in reports to ASIO dated October and November 1950 where the agent CY repeats conversations with Graeme Stewart and Miriam Hampson who address him: "Well you see Clive..." and "Yes Clive...". Young maintained that prior to 1951 he had been in the police force. After resigning from the theatre he worked on the waterfront. In 1954 Tribune noted that he had been expelled from the Communist Party "for attempted spying on the working class for Menzies' secret 'security' forces"; the same paper reported in 1961 that Young had resigned from ASIO because he believed that he himself was the subject of scrutiny.

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