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Nicknamed "Nugget", Bill Juliff was born on 31 December 1914 in Melbourne. Orphaned, he and his brother John spent part of their childhood in St Augustine's boys home in Geelong. As an adult Bill led a singing group in Melbourne and acted in MNT shows including Decision 1945 and Cannibal Carnival 1948. His second wife Hazel also acted there in Moliere.

With Sydney NT he performed in Contact shows in the 1950s and directed a scene from Ned Kelly as a Workshop for the Marrick Players at NT in 1959. Friendly with Mark McManus, Bill was one of the NT actors who could take out their false teeth if needed. In The Night of the Ding Dong his drinking in rehearsals was said to affect his performance and he left the show. By 1961 Juliff was in New Zealand where he had some small film roles.

Bill Juliff married and divorced three times.

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