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Born on 17 August 1909 at Willunga SA, Ken McCarron was involved with Sydney NT from 1935 to 1953. He was tall and self-assured with a caustic wit. Reviewed as “presentable” as Praed in Mrs Warren’s Profession 1935, he went on to play Clayton in Waiting for Lefty in January 1936, a Stormtrooper in Till The Day I Die 1936, Leo in Paradise Lost 1936, “heavy going” as Law in Boy Meets Girl 1937, Second Corpse in Bury The Dead 1937, The Brave and the Blind 1938, good in Transit 1938, a standout as the war-crazed old soldier Sergeant Wren in Trumpets of Wrath 1938, the capitalist in Cannibal Carnival 1939, Sub-Editor’s Room 1939, good in Blood on the Moon 1939, Plant in the Sun 1939, “over-acted” as Sir Albert Upward in Colony 1940, praised as the brutal Gof in The Gentle People 1940, reprised Clayton in Waiting for Lefty 1941, good as fight manager Tom Moody in Golden Boy 1943, a Nazi-hating German in Counter Attack 1943, the invalid husband in The Little Foxes 1944, A Physician in Spite of Himself 1944, “a skilful stooge” as M. Orgon in Tartuffe 1945, All Change Here 1945, a Cretan farmer in Sons of the Morning 1945, Sur Le Pont 1945, the timid bank manager Malcolm in They Came to a City 1945, Moliere revival 1947, The Star Turns Red 1948, The Governor of the Province 1948, Juno and the Paycock 1949, Lysistrata 1950 and Reedy River 1953. In 1944 he directed a Workshop of Shaw's Man of Destiny, played the professor in Tomorrow the World in country towns 1945, took over a part one night in Deep Are The Roots 1947, toured with The Bushranger 1951, and was made a Life Member in 1966.

McCarron was in the Independent Theatre production of Rusty Bugles which toured 1948-9, its cast including Des Rolfe and John Gray. In 1951 he was in a John Alden production of Rusty Bugles at St James Hall; fellow cast members were Lloyd Berrell and Douglas Morgan who also worked at NT. When Rusty Bugles was revived by NT in 1979 the original 1948 Independent cast sent a signed card to Ken in SA.

In 1935 McCarron married Florence McCorquodale in Sydney. Reported by Security as a CPA member, Flo played Zelda in Till The Day I Die 1936, and was in Boy Meets Girl 1937, All Change Here 1945, and Sur Le Pont 1945. In 1934 Frederick McCorquodale painted scenery for On The Rocks. During the war years the McCarrons lived in The Rocks before moving to McMahons Point. They spent their last years in SA where Florence died in 2002.

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