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ELSIE MAY DAYNE (ca 1910 --1992)

A NT Life Member by 1974, a talented dancer-singer-actress and choreographer, Elsie performed in I'd Rather be Left in 1941 and joined NT the following year. She was in the cast of Oriel Gray’s revues Marx of Time and Let’s Be Offensive and sang numbers accompanying According to Plan to US troops at Randwick. She played Addie in The Little Foxes 1944, acted in the Moliere season 1944-5, Geneva 1945, God Bless the Guv'nor, designed costumes for Moliere plays in 1945, Enemies 1946 , The Shepherd and the Hunter 1947, Rocket Range 1947, The Match Girls 1948 and Flowers for the Living 1949, played “Mammy” in Deep Are the Roots 1947, acted in the Moliere revival 1947, and made costumes for The Alchemist 1948 and The Lion on the Square 1949.

Elsie acted in Oriel Gray’s International Settlement at Bryant’s Playhouse in 1942, and was in the cast of the Mercury Theatre’s Imaginary Invalid with Peter Finch at O’Brien’s Glass Factory in 1948.

A Bodenwieser pupil ca 1944-53, she worked with the Mosman Musical Society and Rosemarie Benjamin’s children’s theatre at Mosman, and in the 1950s was an organiser and director with the Children’s National Theatre, touring with The Bushranger 1951. In 1952 she toured with the John Alden Company, working on wardrobe and playing a lady of the court in A Winter’s Tale. By 1954 she was working as a hairdresser at Sydney’s Pagewood Studios on films such as Long John Silver.

By 1960 Elsie was a professional wigmaker, trading as Dayne Wigs at Neutral Bay and with M McKelvie at Sussex Street in the city, advertising “Wigs, hairpieces & styling for theatre, films, television etc.".

She supplied period hairpieces for NT's War and Peace 1968 and a barrister’s wig for Friday the Thirteenth 1978. Elsie Dayne, whose home was 4 Park Avenue Neutral Bay, died on 19 June 1992 aged 82, her resting place Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens.

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