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Doreen Jacobs arranged the music and Helen Palmer wrote the words of “The Ballad of 1891”; they were very strict about the accuracy of both in Reedy River productions. Doreen was musical director on the 1979 production directed by Frank Barnes.

An officer in the WAAAF in the Second World War, she studied music in England at the Royal Academy. Doreen was active with John Manifold in the Workers’ Music Association, and was the leader of the Sydney People’s Choir and director of Unity Singers.

Her son Tom Bridges played violin and was co musical director on Oh What A Lovely War, Mate 1980, co author of Ron Raygun in the Antipodes 1983, a regular performer in Street Theatre in the 1980s and a co writer of At Last! The 1984 Show 1984. He moved to the Blue Mountains where he established a choir.

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