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In 1936 Beresford received good notices playing the first tempter in Diana Reeve’s production of Murder in the Cathedral in St James’ Hall. For the NTL he played a reporter in Bury the Dead 1937 and 1938 (his brother Oswald played a businessman), Robert Owen in Six Men of Dorset 1938, replaced Peter Finch as the lead in Golden Boy 1943, and was a shearer in Lawson 1943. In 1940 he became the “meek, mild and bewildered husband" of Rosaleen Norton who had been in the first Bury the Dead cast.

Beresford served as a trooper in New Guinea with the AIF, enlisting on 7 March 1944 and being discharged on 12 June 1946. Postwar he married Patricia Roberts with whom he had three children. A private person, he seldom referred to his first marriage.

Beresford, Oswald, Sylvia and Phyllis were the children of Dr Lionel Bigoe Henzell Conroy (Sydney University medical graduate 1903) and Dorothy Agnes Gately who married in Sydney in 1904. Their first child Phyllis was born that year at St Leonards. Beresford was born at Crookwell on 10 February 1914.

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